Festive Scholarship


Around the world many talented children now a days having loads of trouble having their proper education, due to lack of financial support. For these talented children are suffering from the harsh reality of ???Child Labour. We Team ESAR Global Hub came up with this idea of ???Scholarship-Funda??? to help those financially backward students who are willing to learn but their condition is holding them back. In this project we let them to ???Earn & Learn???, ???Be self-dependent???, ???Be a contributing hand to their family???.

EGH helps these children so their talent globally.

All courses will be starting from 14,000/- INR only.

They can choose from variety of earning option to fund their learning by themselves. We let them learn extra curriculam for their support, but most importantly they get a chance to learn professional career-oriented Diploma courses for a very nominal cost.

The courses would be like: –

  1. Diploma in Multimedia and Graphics Design.
  2. Diploma in Software Engineering
  3. Diploma in Paramedical
  4. Diploma in Web Design and Development
  5. Diploma in Financial Accounting
  6. Diploma in Photography
  7. Diploma in Makeover
  8. Diploma in Office Automation

We have been boosted by the idea of-

???Education is education. We should learn everything and then choose which path to follow. Education is neither eastern, nor western. It is a human??? ??? Malala Yousafzai

Author of – ???I am Malala???

Facilities we can provide in ???Earn and Learn???

  1. Quality Study Materials
  2. Industry Standard Faculties
  3. Pick and Drop
  4. Food and Beverages
  5. Personality Development Training
  6. 100% Placement Assistance

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