Computer Fundamentals +O/S + Internet Technology


EGH???s CertificateCourse in Computer Fundamentals + Windows O/S + Internet Technology, in the current context, denotes the use of professionally developed software to store, change, and electronically capture or transfer business data. Project management software, scheduling software and credit card payments, and electronic invoicing make routine business tasks a piece of cake, though appropriate office automation software needs to be sourced from an appropriate developer.

Course Fees: Rs. 10500 /-

Course Duration: 40 Hrs.


  • Computer Fundamentals
  1. Generations of Computer
  2. Block Diagram of a Computer
  3. Functions of the Different Units Input unit, Output unit, Memory unit, CPU (ALU+CU)
  4. Input & Output Devices Input Devices:


b) Point and draw devices mouse, joystick, track ball, light pen

c) Data Scanning devices image scanner, OCR, OMR, MICR, Bar code reader, card reader

d) Voice Recognition Device

e) Digitizers Output Devices:

a) Monitor

b) Printer laser printer, dot-matrix printer, ink-jet printer

c) Projector Memories [Memory hierarchy]

5. Registers [Types of Registers]

6. Cache Memory

7. Primary Memory

i) RAM

a) How data is stored in a RAM

b) DRAM and SRAM

ii) ROM

a) ROM BIOS/ Firmware

b) Types of ROM

8. Secondary Memories

I) Hard disk

a) Structure of a hard disk, how data is stored in a hard disk, concept of tracks, sectors, clusters, cylinders

b) formatting of hard dick (low level formatting and HI level formatting)

II) Floppy [data storage mechanism]

III) CD [data storage mechanism] Software

9. System Software

a)Operating System

i) Functions of O/S

ii)Types of O/S

b) Program Language Translators

i) Assembler

ii) Compiler

iii) Interpreter

e) Utility Programs

d) Communication Software

e) Performance Monitoring Software

10. Application Software

11. Software hierarchy and dependence between the different layers

12. Computer Languages

i) Machine language

ii) Assembly language

iii) High level language

  • Windows

The operating system is a master Program that takes care of proper functioning of the computer. Window operating system is a (GUI) Graphical User Interface in which user can click the ‘icons’ to perform a specific task. Windows has increased the speed and efficiency of your Computer related tasks.

Salient Features

  • With Windows, you can work with several Programs at once. You can switch between Programs with a couple of keystrokes or a click of a mouse, reducing the time required to move from one application to another.
  • You can give any name to a file; you are not limited to eight characters with a three-character extension as in DOS. You can even use spaces.
  • Windows now supports the use of drives greater than 2 GB (gigabytes) in capacity. The maximum supported drive size is 2 TB (terabytes).
  • Windows prints your documents “in the background,” so you can get back to work quickly after you send your document to the printer.


  • Nowadays all the software are Windows based.
  • Internet

Internet is Worldwide network with over 200 million Worldwide users. Internet gives you absolute access to information on any subject under the sky.

Why Use the Internet?

  • Business: Marketing, selling and publishing product literature world-wide.
  • Professional: Provide and get technical support, bug fixes and product information, communication or collaborate on project in almost zero time.
  • Students: Information regarding Universities, their rating & procedures for admission all over the world, access to over 40 million library files your own computer.
  • Communication Power of The Internet: WWW, E-mail, Usenet, Telnet, FTP, IRC


Financial modelling is one of the most desired skills in today???s corporate world. The demand of a financial modelling analyst is increasing day by day. It is no surprise that the essential skills required by finance professionals is proficiency in financial modelling.

  • Importance of Financial Modelling:

Financial Modelling is the main core element to take the major business decisions in a corporate world. Financial models are the most valuable tools for executing business choices to get perfect solutions. A model can advise you regarding the grade of risk associated with implementing certain decisions. They can also be utilized to devise an effective financial statement that reflects the finances and operations of company. These models help online internet businesses take quick decisions more confidently.

  • Uses of Financial Modelling:
    • In the finance industry, the value of financial modelling is increasing rapidly.
    • Financial modelling acts as an important tool which enables business ideas and risks to be estimated in a cost-effective way.
    • Financial modelling is an action of creating attractive representation of a financial situation of company.
    • Financial Models are mathematical terms aimed at representing the economic performance of a business entity.
    • Financial Modelling are widely used in Various Sectors like:
    • Investment Banks
    • Credit Rating Agencies
    • Equity Research
    • Mutual Funds
    • Financial KPOs
    • Project Finance companies.
    • Career opportunities:
    • Financial Modelling is the main component of business decision-making program. The Financial model allows corporate industries to explore the outcome under different scenarios.
  • Some of the skills/areas that you can learn and work in after pursuing financial modelling are:
    • Merger and acquisition
    • Project finance
    • DCF Modelling
    • Venture Capital
    • IP Valuation- Option Based Method
    • IP Valuation- Market Based Method
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Aesthetics
    • Asset Allocation
    • Qualitative Analysis
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Revenue Driver
  • Financial Modelling Jobs:

There are various jobs available after learning Financial Modelling course from a reputed Institute. There is a huge demand of finance professionals having such necessary skill sets. With the proper skill, experience, network, education and knowledge you can expect good offers from companies. There is a wide range of roles and opportunities available after the completion of this course. You can work as a ???

  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Associate Analyst
  • Equity Analyst


Do you Provide Placements?

Yes, we provide 100% placement support to our students. Our curriculum is so extensive that our students rarely are unsuccessful in Job interviews.

How Can I be eligible for Paid Internship?

All undergraduates will be eligible for paid internships in our mother organisation Innovative Media Services. The stipends will vary from INR 4500 to INR 10,000. Graduates and above will be eligible for Job placements.

Can we pay the fees through Instalments?

Yes, Fees can be paid in instalments.

If I miss any class will you provide me backup classes?

Yes, backup classes are provided but up to 12 hrs.

Will trainers be available over phone?

Yes, trainers are available over phone but the students are advised to use discretion when calling up the trainers.

Will I be able to work on Live Projects?

Yes, we offer live project exposure to students after the end of every module.

Do I need to hire Professional to develop my website?

No, you will be able to develop your website by yourselves.

Where should I contact during any problem regarding study in non-office hours?

You may contact the administration for any queries regarding study in non-office hours.

How many certificates will I be getting on completion of the course?

You will be eligible for 12 certifications.

What is the eligibility required to do this course?

A standard 10+2 with basic computer operational knowledge is sufficient for eligibility.

What are the criteria to gain certified status?

A minimum of 75% marks and an attendance of 80% is mandatory to gain certified status.

Is there any flexible timing for working professionals?

We have flexible batch timings for all students including working professionals.

Are there any training materials available with the course?

we offer training materials in the form of study books to our students. E-books/PDF formats are free but hard bind books will incur a small charge for printing.

I could not understand some of the topics well. Will I get training on those subjects again? If yes will there be a charge for that?

Doubt clearing sessions are held from time to time. Students may avail these sessions and if the doubt is regarding an entire module then student needs to co-ordinate with the admin for a class change.

Will I get any support in terms of software, themes, plugins from the institute?

Yes, you will receive $100 worth of free software, tools, plugins and themes from the institute.

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